welcome to erika parker boudoir

welcome to erika parker boudoir

There’s Beauty in Being Human

There’s Beauty in Being Human

Think of boudoir as “me-time” redefined. We’re creating space for you to show up in your own skin. This isn't about who’s going to see your photos or how you’re going to share them. This is about you owning your body, and loving it just as it is.

Erika Parker Boudoir exists to host empowering experiences, break negative self-perceptions, pour into personal wellness, and build self-confidence and joy. 

Seventh grade. That’s my earliest memory of something being “wrong” with my body. Why? Because I was put on a diet of tofu, celery, and crackers after being called “fat.” I can still remember the taste–bland, without any zest. I’m sure that’s not the first time I struggled with my body image, but looking back, I know it was by far the first most pronounced. 

When I look at those pictures now, I see a regular eleven year old girl with skinny-ish legs and a unibrow she didn’t know quite how to tame yet. Outside of my body shape, I was ironically made to feel small for most of my life. And I thought I was alone in this experience. 

Hi, I'm Erika, and these are my
body beliefs...

“Could my butt be any bigger?”
“This triangle is a nipple cover - AT BEST.”
“It’s Shamu. I see it now, I’m Shamu.”
“My thighs…they’re always rubbing together.”

That was until college, when I went swimsuit shopping with one of my closest girlfriends. Petite and plump, round and muscular, I was standing in a small 5’2” frame. And her? She was everything I always wanted to be: tall, thin, and chiseled, with high cheekbones to boot. Imagine my surprise when both of us started balking:

“I look like an ironing board!”
“Omg…I’ll never be able to fill out those cups!”
“Chicken legs. I 100% have chicken legs.”
“Am I really this…lanky? Wow…”

We were two sides of the same coin. Two beautiful young women with not one kind word to share about our bodies.

Some of us learn to protest these poisonous perceptions from the very start. Others, like yours truly, break these imposed boundaries a little later in life. Regardless of where you are on your journey to unconditional self-love, empowerment, and confidence, you’re most welcome in my studio. 

Outside of photography, I work in mental health with women (and men) from all walks of life and experiences. Over the past decade, I’ve heard stories of incredible heartbreak and incredible resolve. Every person has a story, and no one is more important than the next. 

Here, I celebrate flaws and hardships. This life is a journey of being, loving, learning, and overcoming. It’s about the bonds you make with the beings around you, and the feelings you emote.

Some of us learn...



I have never done anything like this before but it was such a great experience. Erika made it so fun and enjoyable. I’ve never felt so good in my own skin and can’t thank Erika enough. I felt so comfortable in front of her and the pictures turned out incredible!

Confidence is showing up to the studio as you are, and owning it. It’s not waiting until you “start” using your Peloton, lose the next 10 lbs, grow out your hair, or get the perfect tan. The time to love yourself is now!


We’re all sensual beings! Lips, fingers, necklines…even stray wisps of hair are sensual elements. When I photograph, I focus on all the pieces that contribute to beauty, strength, and sensuality. Beauty in sensuality isn’t about baring it all, it’s about honoring the details of the human body. 


Showing up for a boudoir shoot…takes some guts. It’s scary, because you’re exposed. So, to be clear…I don’t expect lingerie. We shoot in as little clothing or as much covering as you’d like. I repeat, in my studio, there is no nudity requirement. Some women are more than happy to bare all, others come in to show off their shoulder and neck line. The purpose of these photographs is to showcase you, in a way that feels right to you. 


On the day of the shoot, I want you to look at your pictures and love yourself. This means I’ll let you know how far to stretch out your legs, when to bend your elbow, and how to place your feet so you can look your absolute best. 


Vulnerability means having the strength to open yourself up to something new, even if it’s intimidatingly different. Boudoir is that experience inviting you to come out of your shell. And once it’s done, you’ll realize just how incredible you are. 


I used to think boudoir was meant to portray women as ethereal creatures who float around on clouds of lace with flowers, petals, candles, and singing cherubs. But women are so POWERFUL! They carry babies, give birth, run families, countries, put food on the table, soothe, comfort… If this isn’t strength, I don’t know what is. Being feminine and being strong are not mutually exclusive. Here, we value their strength, first. (And if you want flowers, we can do flowers. Remember? Not mutually exclusive.)


We’re all human, we’re all people, we’re all connected, and we’re all beautiful. We all contribute beauty and love to those around us, and each and every one of us deserves beautiful photos of ourselves. 



Let's celebrate the beauty and confidence within you.