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Since each body is different and every person has their own taste and style, I ask that you bring your lingerie to the session. Before the big day, we’ll be sure to go over which selections photograph well given your figure, vision, and frame! 

Do I bring my own lingerie?

I retouch anything that isn’t meant to be there naturally–for example, a temporary bruise on your thigh, an odd piece of fabric, or a flyaway hair in the way of a gorgeous shot. I will not recreate a new you, however. I won’t alter your body type or your features; it’s my mission to shoot you as the beautiful being you are. 

Do you retouch any photos?

I will never post anything without your permission. Once your session is complete, we can detail which images from your session you’d like to share with anyone, if at all. I hold your comfort in the highest regard and will never post anything you haven’t cleared!

Do you share the images with anyone else?

While hair and makeup is not included with your session, arranging to have your hair and makeup done at our studio can be arranged. Pro tip: In my "8 Ways to Prepare for your Boudoir Session" guide, I spill the tea on my favorite hair and makeup artists who are able to either glamorize you at your location or the studio! (Get the guide here!)

Do you provide Hair and Makeup?

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The body is a gift. It is beautiful, imperfect, and ebbs and flows overtime. We might as well show it a little love while we’re here, right? 

8 ways to prepare for your boudoir session

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