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Let’s Get Down to Business Boudoir.

That’s what I see when I photograph,
and that’s why I keep photographing.

That’s what I see when I photograph, and that’s why I keep photographing.

I want our session to inspire more love and admiration for who you are 
in this season of your life. 

I want our session to inspire more love and admiration for who you are in this season of your life. 

Celebration, starting with your mind and ending with your body. 

Showing up in something that makes you feel invincible, magnetic, and sexy. 
Building self-confidence and documenting who you are in this season of your life.


Artistic expression. 

Giving yourself an in-depth, soulful photo shooting experience.

Positioning yourself to feel your best, both internally and externally. 

So What Exactly Is Boudoir?

ISN'T About


Awkward acrobatics. 

Showing up in something that makes you feel insecure, uncomfortable, or self-conscious.

Fulfilling somebody else’s fantasies and fascinations. 


Artificial expression.

Buying a click-shoot-done photo experience. 

Posing unnaturally. 



The Process

First things first, let’s see if we’re a good fit! We’ll review the overall vision for your boudoir shoot.

Let's Chat


You’ll sign your contract and place your deposit so we can start planning.



Let’s do the damn thing!

Shoot Day


It’s delivery day! I’ll deliver your images in a password-protected online gallery. From there, you’ll select which images you’d like as prints and even design albums.

You’ve Got Mail!


8 Ways to Prepare for Boudoir 
to Celebrate YOU As You Are

Looking for a few tips on how to get started?

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$1250 + tax for the session, which includes all images in a gallery for download. 
$1500 + tax for all the above plus a 8x10, 20 page book of images.

While hair and makeup is not included with your session, arranging to have your hair and makeup done at our studio can be arranged. Pro tip: In my "8 Ways to Prepare for your Boudoir Session" guide, I spill the tea on my favorite hair and makeup artists who are able to either glamorize you at your location or the studio! (Get the guide here!)

Since each body is different and every person has their own taste and style, I ask that you bring your lingerie to the session. Before the big day, we’ll be sure to go over which selections photograph well given your figure, vision, and frame!

I will never post anything without your permission. Once your session is complete, we can detail which images from your session you’d like to share with anyone, if at all. I hold your comfort in the highest regard and will never post anything you haven’t cleared!

I retouch anything that isn’t meant to be there naturally–for example, a temporary bruise on your thigh, an odd piece of fabric, or a flyaway hair in the way of a gorgeous shot. I will not recreate a new you, however. I won’t alter your body type or your features; it’s my mission to shoot you as the beautiful being you are.

Of course, the FAQs:

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